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Frequently Asked Questions


When we receive more visitors and quite frankly are asked some frequent questions then we’ll post ’em here. Meanwhile, I’ll pose some questions and provide answers to some topics I’ve had issues with in the past.


What is the best image type to place inside an eBook (not cover)?

Answer – Scalable Vector Graphics or .svg will give you the best possible responsive results. 


How much does it cost to start your own webpage?

Answer – This should be a post rather than a quick answer. It can vary from web hosting companies. Typically do not pay more than $75 to $100 per year including a .com registration. Obviously, paying for more than one year, more registrations of names and other add-ons can increase this significantly, also this is for standard web hosting and not dedicated or virtual private servers or large scale eCommerce sites. Think more of a blog or small web store.

An example of affordable, fast, PHP, WordPress hosting would be not only will you save money but I’ll get a few dollars as well, plus they offer other perks as well. I’ll have a post about this soon but for now, you may use promo code ANTHEGONESAVEME to start a standard hosting site for $.01 the first month and $5 each additional month.


Where do I find some great sites to download free and reasonably priced game assets, software, games, music, sound effects, and other cool stuff?

You should start here first our blog first but if you can’t find what you need through a search or direct link try our links page