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7-Eleven Rewards Policy Change Affects Your Points Balance


Starting July 6, 2018, 7-Eleven rewards will change the number of reward points issued per dollar spent on qualifying items at any 7-Eleven store.

What will be changing you ask?

Currently, every qualifying dollar you spend at 7-Eleven (need 7-Eleven app) you receive 25 points. These points are good for items like bottled water, chips, candy bars, energy drinks, protein bars, hot dogs, and more but you’ll have to check out the 7-Eleven app to see all rewards.

After July 6, you will only receive 10 points. Plus you will have to use your rewards at least once every 90 days or risk losing your reward balance.

Cold-brewed coffee is a hot commodity among millennial and Gen Z coffee-drinkers, and 7-Eleven is introducing its own version of the popular chilled drink. The company’s new proprietary Cold Brew Iced Coffee is slow steeped and chilled for peak smoothness and flavor. (PRNewsfoto/7-Eleven, Inc.)
7-Eleven’s new proprietary Cold Brew Iced Coffee is slow steeped and chilled for peak smoothness and flavor.


From time to time you can get points multipliers on select items. This info is available on the app and changes frequently. Plus you get your 7th cup of coffee free provided you use the app when buying the first 6 cups.

Where can I get the 7-Eleven Rewards App?

You can get the free 7-Eleven Rewards App from and is available for both Android through GooglePlay Store and iPhone through the AppStore. Once downloaded and installed you’ll need to set up an account which is quick and easy. Earning rewards is easy too as all you have to do is have the 7-Eleven app running and scan your on-screen barcode at the register. Upon completion of the purchase, you’ll see your rewards and you also receive reward points for redeeming rewards.


pepperoni cheese pizza on white plateAll in all its not a bad program but would like to see them keep the extra points given away per purchase. I totally get the idea of making you use your balance every 90 days. Anyway, I’d like to hear your thoughts about these changes so please leave your comments and don’t forget to share this post with your friends on social media.

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